• ARO: The Advanced Rent Option

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    ARO, The Advanced Rent Option is the brainchild of our Chairman, Simon Shinerock. To put it in its simplest terms, The Advanced Rent Option is the normal property management service provided by Choices; but it comes with the additional benefit of having the full market rent, paid to you, a year upfront at no extra cost. We then get the money back by collecting the rent monthly, on your behalf, from the tenants.

    The Advanced Rent Option (ARO): More info

    ARO is currently limited to five properties per eligible landlord. If you have a tenant in situ, we can normally take over that existing tenancy for you. If you are already using an agent and would like to switch to us; this is also possible in most cases. Equally, if you have an agent you would rather stick with, you can ask them to apply for an ARO license. 

    We also offer an optional no refund guarantee. By choosing that option; even if the tenants dont pay us back the rent; you dont have to give back the money. This exclusive service guarantees to pay your rent for up to a year if your tenant doesn’t and covers any issues relating to the pandemic.

    Not only this; but it covers up to £1000+vat of legal costs. ARO goes to court on behalf of the landlord with assistance from a solicitor, so costs rarely go above this. This is all without the need to take out insurance.

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    Having been established for in excess of 35 years now, Choices Estate Agency now operate from multiple offices in the South East of England. As one of the UK’s most successful and trusted agencies estate agencies, we let and manage over 2500 properties on behalf of landlords just like you. So you can rest assured that your assets are in safe hands.

    Could you benefit from a year’s worth of rent upfront? Find out more about The Advanced Rent Option here; and see what other landlords have to say about ARO here. Feel free to get in touch here so we can discuss your situation.

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    If you are looking to expand or re-mortgage, ARO is particularly suited to you. Client satisfaction has always been our primary focus. Feel free to take a look at our propositions for lettings and property investment. You might find some of our other blog posts useful too. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team members today!

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