No-one can deny that renting your home can be a profitable and worthwhile thing to do.

It is also true that as the private rental market expands, landlords are faced with ever increasing legislation, regulations and obligations.

One of the key benefits a good agent offers its landlords is to simplify the process of letting your property and ensure you comply with all the rules.

With our Primary Tenancy™, Choices goes one step further and offers landlords the ultimate in simplicity and peace of mind.

Instead of acting just as your agent, with a Primary Tenancy™ Choices becomes your tenant and we sublet your property for a profit rather than a commission. By becoming your tenant we are providing you, our Landlord, with more privacy, protection and peace of mind.

For example we are not obliged to hand your contact details to our sub tenants and in the event of a problem with our sub tenants we can undertake enforcement action against them without your involvement. Even better we offer this option at no cost to you!

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