In the early days of the buy to let market most landlords were reluctant landlords, forced to rent their starter homes in order to move on to bigger and better things. However the benefits of being a landlord and the advantages of buy to let soon took off with many people seeing property as a better alternative to a pension, giving them more control with an asset they could understand.

Becoming a landlord however mostly meant buying near to where you loved which made the whole process a bit of a lottery – after all, we can’t all live in a property hotspot! This situation has been made worse by the steep rises in price that have occurred in London and the South East, not only taking buy to let property beyond the reach of all but the very wealthy, but also driving down yields to unattractive levels. new-circle-2-small

Now though the market is evolving faster and faster with many investors waking up to the fact that buy to let property can best be described as ‘income producing units’ with the higher the yield the better. Actually we are currently in a once in a lifetime era where we can borrow at such a low rate that the income from rent can produce an amazing geared return provided the yield is high enough.

This has meant for many the need to look further afield than their back yard, often the best rental hotspots are far from London and the South East. The trouble is that most people lack the time, confidence and expertise to go out and research, analyse and evaluate propositions all over the country, but we do and this is how our comprehensive end to end property investment service started to evolve.

We are now in a position to source the best rental properties for our clients nationwide and to create for them high performing hands free investments which we manage on their behalf with one central point of contact and the peace of mind of our unique primary tenancy rent guarantee.

Our comprehensive nationwide management service is not just available to our Investments clients, it’s also available for any landlord with properties in multiple locations who is looking to streamline their management and get more time to focus on enjoying their investments not managing them.  new-circle-1-small

So whether you are interested in starting out and knowing how we can help you build a portfolio from scratch, or you are an established landlord looking for a better management solution, our nationwide management service is what you are looking for.

So whatever your situation and wherever you live, contact us now and we will show you how we can help you achieve financial freedom with peace of mind through hands free property investment.

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