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Inheritance Tax: 5 Ways you can Avoid it…

Two subject matters that might well make your list of ‘stuff you don’t really want to think about’ are ‘your own mortality’, – and ‘the prospect of HMRC robbing a huge chunk of everything you own upon your passing’ (despite you having duly paid your taxes your entire working life). Failing however to plan for […]

Worried About Tenants in Arrears? Protecting Yourself is Easier than you Might Think…

What’s the number 1 way to protect yourself against tenant arrears? Recent research undertaken on behalf of the UK government has indicated that landlords who choose to manage their property themselves are 272.5% more likely to be two months in rent arrears. The answer therefore would seem (at least in part) to be ‘professional property […]

Landlord Legislation 2021: The Key Changes You Need to Know About

Remaining on the right side of the law as a landlord in 2021 has never been more time consuming or complex. The abundance of legislative changes the pandemic has seen the Private Rental Sector fall victim to due to COVID alone, has resulted in landlords being placed under immense pressure; leaving many faced with serious […]

Buy to let mortgages for first time buyers: Everything you need to know…

If you have found yourself in the position where you are considering investing in a buy-to-let property; the choices can often be overwhelming – and you’ll most likely have a lot of questions. Getting a buy-to-let can be a very rewarding choice. But to make the most out of the opportunities available to you in […]

Landlord Rent Guarantee Insurance: Do You Actually Need It?

If you are one of the many UK landlords who rely on monthly payments from tenants to ensure your income; then you are not alone. But in this current climate especially; even the best-meaning tenants in the world can suddenly find themselves facing circumstances outside of their control; finding themselves unable to pay their rent […]

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