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Buy-to-let 2022: Time to sell up?

Is buy-to-let worth it in 2022? Or is it time to sell? There are pros and cons to both. As with anything, it is, in part, situation dependant. Covering mortgage costs whilst also having a regular source of income has, of course, long since made buy-to-let a popular investment option. It would be naïve however […]

Surge in demand for London’s rental market met by critical stock shortage

According to Paragon Bank data, tenant demand for London’s rental market is surging. The spike in rental demand reported was significant, with 85% of Greater London landlords having seen a rise in demand in the last 3 months. These findings have coincided also with decreased void periods. Just 21% of landlords have experienced void periods […]

What are my legal obligations as a landlord?

Understanding your legal obligations as a landlord is clearly essential. Legislation is an absolute minefield. There are currently 170 rules and regulations applicable to the PRS and you need to be familiar with all of them. You are a very rare landlord if you are. You also need to pay very close attention to legislative changes, […]

Are you a landlord looking for a letting agent in Crawley?

If you are looking for a letting agent in Crawley, there are no shortage of options. Research is key with property management. An inexperienced agent can cause you more trouble than they’re worth. Our chairman started the business in 1989 due to being sick and tired of dealing with bad agents himself. Having gone from strength […]

Landlord fines and legislation: Are you up to speed?

If you are self-managing landlord who has been lucky enough to escape landlord fines, then well done. Looking especially at the government policies being implemented now, however, you might well find that your luck is about to run out. It never ceases to amaze us how many landlords are not even remotely compliant with even […]

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