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Looking for an Estate Agent or Letting Agent in Crawley?

If you have found yourself in need of an estate agent or letting agent in Crawley, you will of course be presented with a wide range of options. We understand that choosing the right agent isn’t always easy. A bad agent can cause you a great deal of stress. We know first-hand from the terrible […]

ARO: Our Advanced Rent Option for landlords

The ARO is perfect for landlords who would like to receive their guaranteed, full market rent, a year upfront, at no extra cost, outside of standard management fees. Whether you are looking to expand your portfolio, build an extension, carry out home renovations or simply want the peace of mind that a lump sum affords, […]

Queen’s speech 2022: Key takeaways for landlords

The latest Queen’s Speech has reconfirmed that legislation will be introduced to strengthen the rights of tenants under the Renters’ Reform Bill. Delivered on May 10th, the speech had multiple implications for landlords, including the abolishment of Section 21, new social housing regulations and a commitment to reshape the private rental sector in England…   […]

Navigating rental arrears as a landlord: The future’s not looking bright

With rental arrears becoming increasingly prevalent, it’s hardly surprising if you are concerned as a landlord. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest headlines, you’ll probably have heard about the dramatic rise in landlords using debt recovery services. Landlord Action, for example, have recently reported an increase of 180% in landlords applying for their […]

Landlord fines and legislation: Are you up to speed?

If you are self-managing landlord who has been lucky enough to escape landlord fines, then well done. Looking especially at the government policies being implemented now, however, you might well find that your luck is about to run out. It never ceases to amaze us how many landlords are not even remotely compliant with even […]

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