About how I can sell my home using an established High Street Estate Agency using a highly effective and well proven sales strategy AND pay no commission! 


The Buyer Pays The Fee

Back in 2008 our founder Simon Shinerock made one of his many innovations to the property market. It’s now an established business model called ‘The Buyer pays the fee’ (TBPTF ) and it has several benefits and advantages for Sellers, not just in terms of cost savings but also, when used skilfully, in achieving the best price with a reliable buyer.

Not a Buyers Agency

Buyers agents work for the buyer not the seller and are obliged to negotiate the best terms on their clients behalf, this is not the case with TBPTF where the client is still the seller who has merely given permission to their agent to charge the buyer the fee. It’s a crucial difference because it means the seller is the client and the agent is obliged to negotiate the best terms on their behalf

A Negotiating Advantage

When the seller pays the fee they have to take it off their sale price but where the buyer pays they have to add it on, this hands a big psychological advantage to the seller when negotiating the price.

How serious is your Buyer? 

Nothing is worse than when a buyer pulls out of a sale and anything that can be done to reduce the chances of this happening is a very big benefit. With TBPTF the buyer usually pays a non refundable reservation fee to secure the deal and because they are agreeing to pay a fee they are more likely to be serious. As an agent who has used both systems over the past thirty plus years we can see how using TBPTF has significantly reduced our fall through rate and the misery and heartache that comes from it. 

It’s not just the fee!

As experienced agents we are the first to emphasise that great agency is about much more than the fee you pay. Above all great estate agency is about having a great sales process and great people. We call this formula the three PPP’s – ‘Product, Process and People’ – and only when you get all three working together do you end up with a market leading added value estate agency.

We also use a highly effective pricing strategy called top down bottom up, hyper local marketing using the Pareto principle; something that we have developed that really increases your chances of selling faster for the best price and we will be delighted to explain in more detail if you choose to take things further. Above all though we listen and adapt our service to your situation, going at your pace and remaining responsive to your aims and goals.

In summary…

Selling your home is a big deal and choosing the right agent is an important part of the process. At Choices we have striven to be the best at what we do and to give our clients and our people the edge by developing better products, like TBPTF, as well as the right processes and technology to make it all work.

You won’t have heard of them, why would you but we use Reapit, a market leading solution as the foundation of all our systems and it gives us another significant edge over agents using inferior systems.

We combine these first two PP’S of superior products and processes to attract, develop and train the best people to complete the three PPP’’s that make up great agency.

We are at your service and looking forward to meeting you.


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