• Landlords Seek to Expand Property Portfolio as Tenant Demand Grows 

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    With the average buy-to-let property having gained nearly £15,000 in value during the past year, the future of the PRS is looking bright. A recent report by Shawbrook Bank, which provided significant insight into the ways in which the pandemic has impacted both landlords and the BTL sector, revealed the value of the PRS to have increased by 5.8% to an impressive £1.4 Trillion.


    “Against the backdrop of the pandemic, the PRS has once again shown its strength and the important role it plays. – John Eastgate, MD of property finance at Shawbrook Bank

    “Landlords are looking to expand their property portfolio due to a combination of rising house prices, attractive yields and growing demand from tenants. Borrowing to help fund this expansion is an attractive option, with landlords presented with great choice and historically low mortgage costs.”


    Is now really the best time to expand my property portfolio?

    With the outlook of the PRS pointing towards yet more growth; now would appear the perfect time to expand your property portfolio. Please bear in mind though, that managing multiple properties is a logistical nightmare. With the abundance of legislative changes on the horizon; you will almost certainly experience a catalogue of potentially devasting consequences if you attempt to self-manage. The need for high-quality property management has never been greater.


    Looking to expand your property portfolio?

    You might be interested to learn that there is a fantastic way to expand your property portfolio without the need to take out a loan. By opting to have your properties managed by one of the UK’s most trusted agencies; you will have the option of receiving a full years’ rent upfront at no extra cost (minus our standard fees). You’ll also this special offer.

    ARO: The Advanced Rent Option by Choices is currently unique to the industry; giving landlords across the U.K and Wales the fantastic opportunity to receive a potentially huge cash injection, which many landlords use to increase their property portfolios.

    Expand your property portfolio without taking out a loan

    Sound good? Other landlords certainly think so. Why not consider joining the increasing number of landlords who are already benefitting from this revolutionary offering. If you are interested to find out how much money you will get in your bank; then just use our simple calculator how much you could get HERE!


    Here to help you make the right choices

    Choices pride themselves on providing benefits to both landlords and agents that we believe supersede the conventional approach. Choices are a people’s business. Our customers remain at the heart of what we do; with client satisfaction our primary focus. Feel free to take a look at our propositions for home saleslettings and property investment and decide for yourself!

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