G Hussain

Choices is a great way to start your property portfolio if you have a substantial amount of money sitting in your account. The staff have a wealth of experience. They are always ready to help. Mike is prompt at answering any questions I may have about properties and always contacts me when something new appears on the market.


Paul Walling

Can’t recommend Steve Cubitt and Choices highly enough. My brother and I attended the property seminar run by Steve and we were so impressed with the knowledge that we signed up on the first day and bought the first property through them the following week. We are now receiving an income from that property and hope to add another property shortly.

Gurminder Singh

Attended a very informative seminar run by Steve Cubitt. We were very impressed with the knowledge and decided on the day that we would join as a lifetime member. We have just purchased our second property and hope to purchase 2 more in the future. Thank you Steve for all the help you have given us.




The most important thing for me is knowing what is going on when my tenants move. It can be a real pain and I hate having to chase people for information. James is quick to call if there are any issues and likewise if there is nothing to report. I am often contacted by other agents about letting my flat but I have no reason to leave Choices as I have always received and excellent service, James was no different this time round.

J Ritchie

My property had been on the market for a little while and it seemed that my agent was doing nothing for me. I opened a letter from Choices, who offered their help, and I’ve never looked back. A deposit was put down within a few days of advertising, in fact on the first viewing! Chester has been my point of call, but dealing with the other staff members in the branch has also been a pleasure. It is good to know that the management of my flat is in very good hands. Thank you, Choices.

Andy Swan

I used Choices to firstly find me a tenant and then to manage the property. I have to say that on both counts they exceeded my expectations. When the first tenant left they had a new tenant lined up within a week. When I came to sell the property Choices worked with me rather than against me to help the tenant and myself with the process. If I am in need of management services again, I would use Choices without question and recommend that others do so for a good, reliable service.


Agents were very fast and professional in renting out my flat. They did bulk viewings which was great as got the numbers through the door quickly with little disruption. They also promised to get me a great price for the rent and I was amazed how quickly they managed to get my current tenants. If you want a fast, friendly, professional and hard working team, then look no further

Gina B

I sent in an enquiry about buying properties below market value for investments. I thought you needed to have hundreds of thousands of pounds to invest in the property market. Neill called me back the same day and talked about what he could do to help with my budget of £45k. He explained everything very clearly and invited me to meet him and I became a member. I am currently in the process of buying a property in Wakefield. Neill has helped me understand how to invest and is always available to offer help and advice. This service really is good for people who have a small amount of money and want to invest but are a bit frightened or uncertain. I’m looking forward to buying a second property soon and recommend Neill & Choices.

M Harris

Since I started to look for investment properties, everyone that I spoke to said London was the best to invest in. Looking into things showed me they were low yields and high prices so I looked to Choices and Asa to help me find a more profitable solution. I have now brought in Liverpool and the unit I have is much better. Listen to what the team there have to say they do their research and can really help!


I used Choices as my procurement agents for BTL properties. Tom kept me informed during a drawn out purchase process which reached a satisfactory conclusion. I’ve used Choices to make three purchases, and I’ve been entirely happy with their service on each occasion.


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