Why is Spain such a good place to invest right now?

Firstly – market timing…

I’m sure you already know about boom and bust investment cycles and the importance of market timing. The Spanish property crash is very well documented and started even before the global financial crisis and credit crunch era. The market began to collapse in early 2008 and this downturn was aggravated by an oversupply of new build product flooding on to the market as simultaneously credit dried up. That oversupply has now been largely mopped up as prices have bottomed out and major funds have swooped in to take advantage of ‘once in a generation’ opportunities.

Spanish House Prices

Source: INE (Spanish Institute of National Statistics)

The economy and the property market is just at the start of the recovery upswing and individual buyers can now take advantage of massive discounts (around 50% below peak) as the big funds release their stock onto the market at highly competitive prices. Tourism and property sales in key areas such as the Costa del Sol are now showing very positive growth again.  People are flocking once more to the ‘California of Europe’ because it offers the best lifestyle, best climate and best value for money in the region.

new costa collage

Secondly, a strong pound…

Even more importantly, British based purchasers have never had it so good. With the pound trading at an 8 year high, the timing could not be better to invest in Europe’s sunshine belt.

Just look at these numbers…because of a drop in euro prices of  50% from Peak in 2008 and an increase in the value of sterling by around 30%, you are getting a staggering combined saving of over 60% from Peak! (Chart based on XE.com rates)

Costa del Sol buying power

Key investment question: Could the timing ever be better to buy a Spanish property?

Our verdict: It’s possible, but unlikely.

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