As one of the eleven metropolitan centres in the region, Sutton features a rich history that was first recorded in the 11th century, but archaeological finds date habitation in the region all the way back to ten thousand years ago, and several Roman ruins still remain. In the more recent centuries, Sutton saw massive expansion thanks to the introduction of the railway, which has a direct, fast link to central London—making it the perfect place for commuters to call home.

Despite its close proximity to the city, Sutton is a great place to raise a family and offers dozens of primary, secondary and grammar schools. It’s also home to both the Carshalton College and Sutton College, the former of which offers strong training programmes for teachers of video game design across the country, as well as graphic design, film and animation.

Sutton hosts the annual Imagine festival of arts, and the city is adorned with modern art ranging from murals to gigantic sculptures. The large Secombe Theatre is on Cheam Road, which hosts modern plays, musicals and comedy events to classical, more established plays from touring groups as well as local bands of actors. Sutton is a hub for filming in England, and episodes of Mr Bean and a large number of films were filmed in the area.

Sutton’s famed High Street, which runs through town from the north to south, is designated as one of the most important retail centres in all of London and is home to many restaurants and major retail names including Waterstones, Asda, Morrisons, and Marks and Spencer. The entire area is decorated with public art, including the Green Wall—a vertical garden that’s in bloom all year round.

A large number of restaurants, patisseries, coffee houses, gastropubs, clubs and bars can be found along High Street, which is fully pedestrianized, with culinary offerings from around the world including French, Malaysian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Chinese, and just about every other country—some of which are Michelin listed.

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