Complimentary Property Investment Consultation

These can be arranged at a time to suit at either our modern offices near London’s Gatwick Airport, or on the telephone.


How can a consultation benefit you?

  • Discover how we have the expertise to guide you through all your options when entering the property investment market.
  • Learn how to build a plan of action and strategy that suits your personal needs.
  • Find out how we can provide help and support to build your property portfolio.

Why choose Choices Property Investments?

  • We are the UK’s leading source of repossessions, auction and below market value property.
  • Whether you need a bit of gentle hand holding to get you started, or a completely hands free portfolio building service, we can help.
  • We spend £100,000’s per year attracting distress sellers prepared to offer significant discounts from market value for a quick sale

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Attend our complimentary consultation and benefit from a one on one discussion
with a trained property investment advisor.

Testimonials – source

  • Mike Luton

    I was very excited to see that Choices had properties in the South of England and set up my account through lvan. He was as good as his word and sent me the property details on 2 developments that fitted my criteria. I have my first sale underway and intend to purchase another when the first is all running ok. Thanks Ivan….


  • G Hussain

    Choices is a great way to start your property portfolio if you have a substantial amount of money sitting in your account. The staff have a wealth of experience. They are always ready to help. Mike is prompt at answering any questions I may have about properties and always contacts me when something new appears on the market.