Often when you are at school the pressure is on to go into further education, which frequently means choosing an academic subject to study for three years or more at university.

At Choices we believe that for some people, going to a conventional university is the right choice to further their career, and themselves as people. However for many more, academic university can be a trap, offering the allure of three years of hedonism followed by a career with above average earnings. Whereas the reality is often very different and can involve the cost of repaying a large loan out of a salary that fails to live up to expectations.

For this reason we have set up our ‘Academy’, as a university in which we pay you, not vice versa, and one in which you will learn life skills which will set you up for the rest of your career. Making use of our leaders experience and proven track records, you will go through an intensive induction program which will give you the best chance to succeed within our organisation and the industry itself.

As part of our curriculum you will learn communication and relationship building skills; you will learn the basics of time management and planning, and if you are good enough, we will teach you how to become a leader and a manager, all whilst earning a salary which will reward your successes.

These skills are the basic drivers behind every successful career whatever sector it is in; they are transferable and invaluable and whether you spend your career with us or not, they will become the cornerstone of your achievements.

In addition to these basic skills, you will also acquire knowledge about one of the most important components of our society – the property market. Property remains the most aspirational thing a person wants; it is a place to live, a place to bring up a family but of course it so much more as well. The right property gives access to the right school, the right friends and it can also provide financial security, even a business.

Plus there are so many connected careers to choose from – law, financial planning, surveying, property investment advisor, landlord, estate agent, software designer, media specialist, marketeer – the list is endless.

So when you are considering what to do with the rest of your life, remember ‘Choices Academy’ because sometimes a different choice can sometimes be a better choice.


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