• What are the Benefits of Using an Online Property Valuation Tool?

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    Using an online property valuation tool can be one of the simplest and most convenient ways of providing a rough estimate of a property’s value. Being an estimate, it won’t, by nature, ever be as accurate as a professional valuation. The answer you get, therefore, should never be taken as a definitive statement of your home’s value. However, whether you are looking to buy, sell or let a house; a property valuation tool will give you a rough idea of the property’s current market value.


    How does an online property valuation tool work?

    Valuation tools draw from existing compilations of property data, and automate an estimate, based upon the home data they have. This will include recent data on market value fluctuations for properties in the area that the tool deems as similar to the one you are enquiring about, which will be a determining factor in arrival of the estimate.

    Property valuation tools will often include data provided by HM Land Registry on the prices of properties recently sold within the area you are looking at. This information is regularly updated, which will improve the accuracy of the estimate you receive.


    Looking to get your property valued?

    Our quality online property valuation tool will give you a good estimate of your property’s value; but one of our estate agents will be able to give you a much more accurate figure face-to-face. There are all sorts of factors to take into consideration when determining the value of a property, which only an estate agent will be able to take into account.

    If you have used our calculator and are now in need of a more accurate figure, don’t hesitate book a free, face-to-face, no-obligation with us today.


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