• Landlord fines and legislation: Are you up to speed?

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    If you are self-managing landlord who has been lucky enough to escape landlord fines, then well done. Looking especially at the government policies being implemented now, however, you might well find that your luck is about to run out. It never ceases to amaze us how many landlords are not even remotely compliant with even the most basic legislation. We deal with thousands of landlords every single day who have found themselves unintentionally having fallen foul of the law.

     In all seriousness, we could write an epic novel out of the horror stories we have heard. We’re not talking about bad people either for the most part (we wouldn’t take them on if they were). It’s just a simple fact that keeping on top the abundance of ever-changing legislation in today’s climate is an uphill battle. There are even agents (whose job it is to do so), that don’t seem able to manage it. Simple mistakes will cost you. Not only financially, but personally too. Here are some of the most common fines to be aware of…


    Landlord fines and penalties for not having an up-to-date gas safety certificate

    Faulty gas appliances can kill. So, naturally, failing to comply with the Gas Safety Regulations is a serious offence. You are breaking the law if you can’t provide an up-to-date gas safety record. The fines for this are unlimited and can also result in a prison sentence.

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    HMO landlord fines

    HMO landlord fines vary but failing to comply with HMO regulations can result in a prison sentence, court fines or civil penalties. Following a successful banning order, you will be unable to let out properties for at least 12 months and added to the rogue landlord database.

    A recent example resulted in a landlord couple being fined £27,000, as a result of the property presenting serious danger to the tenants and breaking multiple regulations.

    Back in 2018, one HMO landlord was issued fines amounting to £180,000 due to multiple breaches.


    Fines for electrical safety breaches

    If you are a landlord without a valid EICR in place, then you are committing an offence. Breaching Electrical Safety regulations can result in fines of up to £30,000.

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    Landlord fines for illegal eviction

    Tenants have legal rights which protect them against harassment and illegal evictions. Unlawful evictions or harassment offences, depending on the circumstances can, at worst, result in two years imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine. You are breaking the law if you force your tenant to move out or prevent them from getting in.


    Biggest Landlord Fines 2021

    £66,000 (multiple HMO non-compliance charges)

    £90,000 (multiple fire safety breaches and legal costs)

    £48,000 (repeated non-compliance with HMO regulations)

    £50,000 & £22,000 in court costs (breaching fire safety rules)

    £33,000 (renting non-compliant properties and having an unlicensed HMO)


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