Top 10 Houses that Look Like Castles

Gone by though the ruling days of kings and queens are, the images conjured from the ideas of monarchy are still in our imaginations. They call to mind vast castles, stories straight from fairy tales.

Even though castle are, for the most part, a strict thing of history, these dwellings inspired by castles allow the inhabitants a life of past luxury. You don’t have to be royalty to live like it!

1. Hanshaw Castle

Resting on Strawberry Creek in Idyllwild, California, “The Castle”, as the locals and eventually the owners began to call it, it was completed in 1979. It features a hand-collected river rock turret, as well locally-assembled pine pole railings. Designed by Ade Collie, The Castle is fashioned after turn-of-the-century Yellowstone adirondack camps.

2. Pontarion II

Inspired by Southern France Villas, this home features a floating stairway, circular dining hall and four bedrooms in its two spacious stories. For a modern touch, there’s an adjacent three-car garage.

3. Woodmont Castle

Designed in 1892, this French Gothic chateau in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania. Built of local stone, including white limestone trimmings, the house has found many owners over the years. Though falling into disrepair by 1953, when it became the country estate of the Peace Mission Movement, it has since been restored to former glory and named a National Historic Landmark.

4. Midford Castle

Previously owned by Hollywood Star Nicolas Cage, and sold due to unpaid debts, this gothic-styled estate, rendered in the shape of the ace of clubs, is located in Somerset. Dating back to the 18th-century, its vast property sits on 35 acres of parkland and 12 acres of woodland.

5. Franklin Castle

Built by Hannes Tiedemann, a grocer and banking executive, in the late 1880s, this 4-story sandstone Gothic mansion is located in Ohio City, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cleveland, Ohio. The house itself has a rich and interesting –some say haunted — history and has seen a number of owners. It remains unrestored, though plans to turn it into a private club have been announced in 2002.

6. Bavarian Castle

Styled after Ludwig II’s Bavarian castle, Neuschwanstein, the original structure of this mansion was built in 1902, though numerous additions have been built since then. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, it commands 5,000 square feet, including 5 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a large garage. It’s made unique by gargoyles, three turrets, and a secret passageway.

7. Craigdarroch Castle

Built by coal baron Robert Dunsmuir and completed in 1890, this British Columbia mansion was built in the Romanesque style popular with the affluent of the era. It stands at a stately four stories.

8. George A. Joslyn Mansion

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, this thirty-five-room limestone mansion began in 1902. The “Joslyn Castle” was built for George A. and Sarah H. Joslyn, the former being the president of the Western Newspaper Union. A rare example of Scottish Baronial style shown in residential architecture.

9. Boldt Castle

Serving as a monument of love for his late wife, Louise, this castle in Alexandria Bay was built by George C. Boldt, proprietor of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Building began in 1902, but halted two years later due to the passing of his wife. For 73 years the castle was at the mercy of weather and vandals, until restoration began in 1977. Today, it remains open to the public on Heart Island.

10. Sherbrooke Castle

Built in 1896 for John Morrison, an important building contractor in Victorian-era Glasgow, this mansion is a great example of Baronial-style. One of the best-known landmarks in Pollokshields, it serves now as the Sherbrooke Castle Hotel after World War II.

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