Tiny houses across the globe..

Every human being needs a home to provide him shelter. Houses across the globe come in varied sizes and design. Some families live in posh villas and mansions, whereas some families are comfortable living in tiny huts. And now I see a topsy-turvy in the way people build houses. Richer a man gets, smaller will be his house.  Infact tiny houses have become a trend lately among the millionaires who choose to live in it. And these tiny houses are complete with a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room in most of the cases.  Well, we will show you some of the most creative ways of getting yourself a tiny home around the world built with the most common objects seen every day.

Tiny Tree House:

Ever dreamt of living in the trees?? If yes, then this is the house for you. This tiny house is designed in a shape of a sphere and is suspended to give you a pendulum swinging effect. Wow!! I am sure this is a home for you to rest after a heavy midday lunch. The home is accessible by a set of stairs around the stem.

Skinny House:

Well, we all have heard about the world’s slimmest watch and also cell phones. But, what about World’s slimmest house? True what you see above is a snapshot of the world’s slimmest house. The home is apparently 1m at the front and expands on its way back. It includes 2 living rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and 3 bedrooms. Wonder how they shifted their furniture in??

Hoarding House:

Ever seen a free standing bill boards in a highway? Well, you might have even admired the way the advertisements conveys its messages effectively across a customer’s mind. But they say, think out of the box every time. This is what exactly the guy did looking at the bill boards on a highway. An idea struck his mind why not design homes in such a way. The picture above says it all. The home is pretty comfortable a single person’s stay and is unaffected by adverse ground conditions, Be it water, sand or anything.

Car House:

Home away from home!! Or maybe, not. This car house is a tiny 2 storied luxurious house with a kitchen, living room, bed room and a bathroom in it. The wheels are just a facade and come under the category of easy to construct tiny houses.

Barrel House:

This indeed is a dream come true for all wine lovers. Who would have imagined earlier, living inside a wine barrel? Thanks to those creative builders who have managed to squeeze in a bedroom and a living room inside a barrel. This is a perfect place for you to take rest and protect yourself from the scorched heat.


These houses are designed on the basis of portable tents usually used by the Asian and Middle East tribes. They are circular in design and can be completely disassembled and shifted to another place. This is a perfect little home when you move out on a trekking in the jungle.

Shipping Containers:

Shipping containers offers the best space for building a tiny house inside it. The house is expandable as the walls of the container can be expanded on all the sides to give more living space. The home is tiny enough to transport and also huge enough to fit in a kitchen, bedroom and a bath room in it. It can also be loaded on a truck or a ship for easy transportation.

School Bus House:

Are you a kind of a person who’s always on the move?? Then school bus is a tiny house built just for your kind of people. The house was built by gutting down the interiors and by adding a kitchen, bedroom and a living room. Well, next time you go out for a meeting, and feel like you are missing your home. Gone are the days, as you can move your home with you across the cities.

Micro Compact House:

This is a light weighted compact house offering a bedroom, kitchen, living room and makes it comfortable for bachelors. I personally feel this is the best way to get your house built on a beautiful landscape.

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