The Weirdest Hotels On Earth

For all you people out there that like something, just that little bit different for your hotel stays, this is the place to be! Have a look at some of these weird and wacky hotels, before you book your hotel and go to the same old place that you spend your holidays at, year after How To Get Ex Boy Back year. Why not break the habit!

Train Hotel

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There is everything from the downright strange to the amazingly beautiful. But all of them have the same thing in common, they won’t fail to impress. Someone had the brilliant vision to create them and the guts to carry them through to completion, which I totally commend. How these people come up with these wacky ideas in the first place, I haven’t a clue but they seem to work. They make perfect business sense by tapping into uncharted territory. By giving us the unusual, which is sometimes what we crave. Obviously the gimmick behind these ventures is that there isn’t anything around like these hotels, which seems to draw us in and it works like a treat. So who are we to knock it!

Underwater Paradise


This underwater Hotel in Turkey is set to be a hit with both sea lovers and divers alike….well, that is when it’s finished!

Capsule Hotel


The Capsule Hotel is located in the red light district near Kabukicho, Tokyo. The rooms in this place are not much bigger than a coffin so it’s a good job they only cost around $30 a night. But this Hotel is only reserved for men and massages are extra….We get the drift!!

In The Dog House


Dog Bark Inn is located in Cottonwood, Idaho, USA. It comes with it’s own private deck which is how you gain entry to this giant dog house and oodles of yummy homemade pastries and granola, so it’s no dogs life here!

For All You Neck Biters Out There!


For all you aspiring Vampires, hotels are starting to catch on to what you want. These matching coffins would make an ideal getaway for blood suckers, wanting to take a short break for a night or two. Propeller Island City Lodge has 27 individually designed rooms!

Topsy Turvy Hotel


This Hotel in Berlin was designed to give the guests staying there a different prospective by everything being the wrong way up. Personally I think they might just be sick upon waking…

Cave Hotel


This Hotel has no bats in the belfry, only loads of mod cons such as central heating, a jacuzzi and excellent entertainment system. So why not live it up in the lap of luxury underground at the Beckham Creek Cave Haven in Arizona!

Amongst The Trees


This roofless Treehouse at Ivory Lodge, Lion Sands in South Africa is the perfect place to watch animals in their natural environment by day and the stars in all their glory at night. Just MAGICAL!

Live Like The Sand People


How about going to bed in a 1,000 year old Byzantine Monastery every night. Gamisaru Cave Hotel is built into the cliffs at Ayvla Village in Turkey. Just watch out for Ewoks!!

Banged  up in a prison


Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be in Prison? Well try the Liberty Hotel in Boston. Although you wouldn’t think it was a prison from the interior,with all these beautiful Italian designed rooms everywhere you turn, so elegant!

Drainpipe Hotel


Why not try a night or two in Drainpipe Hotel in Austria? Not sure if it’s my cup of tea, but looks nice and cosy!!

Well I hope you enjoyed some of these weird hotels. Catch you later….

Demon Chick xx

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