Sinus House – a home in Denmark displaying an interesting architecture

Some people dream about luxurious villas in warm parts of the world, others wish for residences that challenge their architects to find ways of building residential structures on the most intriguing terrains. Then there are those people looking for quiet, rustic surroundings, that would recharge their batteries and allow them to live stress free, modern lifestyles. The Sinus House  is one of those homes that not only is placed in a beautiful, natural scenery, but it also helps owners improve their views on modern architecture and the cozy lifestyle that comes with a carefully designed contemporary home.

Designed by talented team of Cebra Architects, the interesting structure displays a bold combination of non-colors – a black roof and black walls are interrupted here and there by white insertions that seem to be like cake slices cut out of the whole house. Spreading over 1,735 square feet, the country home located in Denmark features amazing interiors, designed to capture a world of minimalist contemporaneity and show that a rustic life can be understood in different ways. The Sinus House benefits from direct natural sunlight via the large floor-to-ceiling windows. Open, bright and spacious, the rooms of this beautiful residence were shaped to offer both an inviting atmosphere and an interesting effect on the facade.

Source: Freshome

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