Gorgeous minimalist residence: Skybox House in Denmark

Located in Nødebohuse, Denmark, the Skybox House was designed by Primus Arkitekter. Situated near the coast to the north of Denmark’s largest island, Zealand, the minimalistic contemporary residence dominates its surroundings with its 75 square meters. The site, partly enclosed by trees, is part of a larger property, encompassing another residence, an old thatched house that shelters another generation of family members. Shared common outside spaces gather the family together, while the construction of a separate modern house provides each generation with privacy. The small construction had to be filled with a lot of natural light at the request of the owners. So the architects constructed several windows and skylights to ensure the family lives under a fair amount of sunlight. The bedroom is separated by the large living space by an open hallway, making it easy for the family to relax in privacy.

“Sky-boxes” were shaped in the architectural lines by minimizing the ceiling height. This became the primary inspiration for the name of the residence. Glazed openings and large sliding doors connect the outside to the inside, creating a light and airy atmosphere. The facade displays oak darkened with iron sulphate, which gives the house a modern feel and an aged look. How do you feel about this beautiful modern home?

Source: Architizer

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