Crazy Animal Shaped Buildings

Many of us must be animal lovers or pet owners here. And ofcourse there are others with tickly taste buds who love to munch down everything that moves. But whichever category you fall into, you definitely wouldn’t ever imagine living inside an animal, will you? Well surprisingly, a few animal lovers have gone a step ahead to show their animal fondness to the world by creating enormous habitable buildings that look like giant creatures basking in the sun. From chickens to elephants to sheep, sharks, fish, duck, dogs, crocodiles and so on, name them and you have them all.

Lucy the Elephant

Located in the neighboring town of Margate, New Jersey, this 119-year-old elephant-shaped building, is one of the most beloved tourist attraction in the Atlantic City area. The 90-ton structure named Lucy was completed in 1882 and has served as a restaurant, business office, cottage, and tavern. In 1976, Lucy was awarded the title of a National Historic Landmark.

Sheep Shaped Buidling

What could be more innovative and appealing than a sheep building for a wool shop in Waikato, New Zealand. Infamous as the Big Sheep Wool Gallery, this building is located in the small village of Tirau next to the Big Dog Tourist Information Centre (another dog shaped building that follows right away.)

Dog shaped building

Adjacent to the Big Sheep Wool Gallery is this dog shaped building in Tirau built in 1994 that houses pastoral murals, information (naturally) and public toilets.

Dog Bark Park Inn

The Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho is one and only fine bed and breakfast inside a dog. Guests enter the body of the beagle from a private 2nd storey deck. Built in 2003, this gigantic beagle stands 30 feet tall, 34 feet long and 14 feet wide.

Big Duck, Flanders

Built in 1931 by duck farmer Martin Maurer, the Big Duck building offers its tourists information as well as duck souvenirs. This 18 feet structure that was used as a place to sell ducks and duck eggs was also added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.

Elephant Tower

Another elephant shaped building in Chatuchak district in Bangkok is one of the most famous landmarks. Comprising of three tower,s the elephant tower forms the shape of Thailand’s national animal and is made up of condominiums, office space, and a language school.

Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn, Australia

Crocodile’s mouth would certainly be the last place one would ever wish to be. But tourists at Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn do have a different opinion. Situated in the heart of the World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park in Australia, this hotel that takes the shape of a crocodile offers its guests a comfortable stay in a crocodile’s belly.

Here are a few other interesting animal buildings around the world.

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