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  • Property and Inheritance as your retirement plan: What you need to know

    Property and Inheritance as your retirement plan: What you need to know

    Many retires in the UK do not have a pension plan in place. In many cases, this is due to lack of saving discipline while on the other hand, it is deliberate as the individual  may have made up the mind to rely on an inheritance or to invest in property.  We are going to [...]

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  • UK profit warning rise blamed on faltering economy

    UK profit warning rise blamed on faltering economy

    One of the wettest summers on record contributed to the highest number of profit warnings issued in a third quarter since 2008, but it was the underlying weakness of the UK and global economy that landed the heavier blows on the nation’s listed businesses. According to Ernst & Young’s latest Profit Warnings report, UK quoted [...]

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  • UK recovery starts to take hold

    UK recovery starts to take hold

    The UK will return to growth in the second half of the year, saved by consumers’ spending power and a revival on the high street after exports continue to disappoint, according to the latest economic forecast from the Ernst & Young ITEM Club. ITEM Club’s autumn forecast says that "deeply disappointing" trade figures have stifled [...]

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  • Labour threatens to break up banks

    Labour threatens to break up banks

    A Labour government would "break up" banks which do not voluntarily separate their retail and investment arms. I’m very happy with the service and the quality and i recommend your website to my friends whenever i get the chance. Online canadian pharmacy? Canadian drugs are only shipped from our affiliated Canadian dispensary. The announcement came [...]

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  • 8 Stunning Luxury Swimming Pools

    8 Stunning Luxury Swimming Pools

    Summer is nearly here with warmer weather and nothing beats a sunny afternoon swimming or lounging by the pool. Buying a house with a swimming pool is a good property investment, as it will bring you both personal enjoyment, raise the value of your home, and serve as a great location to entertain guest at parties. Here are eight luxury swimming pools with both stunning views and designs.

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  • Floating Homes: 6 Unique Houseboats

    Floating Homes: 6 Unique Houseboats

    For those who love waterfront views, houseboats are the perfect alternative to traditional houses. While some are semi-permanently moored to docks for utilities, others are capable of water travel. Owning a house boat or vacationing on one is a great way to feel close to nature and live in a relaxing environment. Houseboats are found [...]

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  • Funky Kitchen utensils

    Funky Kitchen utensils

    It’s New Year, new start for most of us. New year resolutions invariably centre around health kicks or diet regimes. It’s time to dig out the weight loss soups or sign onto some weight loss diet program or another. Diets and food choices can be a bit dull in January, let’s be fair. So with [...]

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  • Cool Shower Curtains

    Cool Shower Curtains

    I browsing the Internet for showers as our electric shower has finally given up the ghost,  (meaning the whole house is having to put up with freezing cold showers in the meantime) I came across some cool shower curtains which got me thinking about updating our Bathroom Decor. I’m in a bit of a pickle [...]

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  • 6 mesmerizing Buried Homes

    6 mesmerizing Buried Homes

    People are of the opinion that the more higher the house is built the more it is cool and free from pollution. When it is about cool eco architecture, give a chance to think about the underground area too. There are a number of amazing instances of naturally long lasting structures which are unknown and beneath the ground. Join us in exploring the 6 fascinating hidden home that you might not be aware of.

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  • UK Commercial Rental Properties Show Promise

    UK Commercial Rental Properties Show Promise

    Rental rates and demands for commercial property in the UK are showing signs of emerging from the recession.

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