A Room for London: Unique Architectural Innovation

As young and innovative minds push technology beyond the walls of impossible and unattainable, the world stands at the horizon of astounding novelty and ingenious creations. From the evolution of humans when they lived in caves to the marvelous skyscrapers of today, even the unimaginative is now a reality. Innovation and progression in the field of architecture has left many spellbound. Not only has man conquered the technique and art of turning brick and mortar into any concrete structure on land, undersea hotels or space hotels are no more only a fantasy. Hence, in a field where there is ample space and opportunity for new ideas, a demountable hotel room on the top of an old existing building is certainly feasible.

I am talking about the very infamous “A Room for London,” a temporary building project thriving under the joint association of Living Architecture, Artangel, Southbank Center  and the London 2012 Festival. The most interesting, original and smallest building on a rooftop will be one of the major attractions during the beginning of the Olympic year of 2012 when it gets inaugurated.

The idea pulled together the talented bunch of architects, each presenting their designs in a competition organized for the same. An interesting entry from a Los Angeles based studio, Design Initiatives is uniquely thought cloud shaped mini hotel with one room that accommodates two guests comfortably. What makes the whole concept much more intriguing is that this temporary demountable room will be located on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, England.

Offering its guests a chance to spend a unique night in an exemplary work of architecture overlooking the British capital, the structure is proposed as a ‘boundary’ object, floating in neutral space between land and sky. Its organic shape plus unique location make the structure iconic piece of display as well architecture. Constructed using fiber reinforced polymer, the room has been designed in two modules, each four meters in width. The room transitions slowly between inside and out with a covered, open air terrace, and again inside where public and private spaces intersect.

Based on how people live and work when away from home, the one piece hybrid furniture piece combines the bed, sofa, desk, coffee table, bedside table and shelf into one object. On the whole, portability as its prime significance, the unit can be transported on a flatbed truck and installed with greater ease.

Perched on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall for a whole year (2012), a few nights every month will be held back so that special visitors to the capital that include artists, athletes, writers, dreamers and so on, will be offered a stay.

So are you in the guest list?

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