1UP Your House’s Interior: The Best Video Game Household Items

A decade ago, no one would be caught dead decorating their house with video game influenced furniture. It just wasn’t cool to be a geek back then. But as we all know, times change. The video gamers of yesteryear are growing up and video games themselves become mainstream, making video game merchandise much more popular–particularly in the household decoration area. Look, if you’ve ever wanted to make your house look like the inside of an arcade, here’s a good list to follow.

1. Space Invaders Couch

Space Invaders is one of the original staples of video gaming–much like the iconic ghosts of PacMan or the original Donkey Kong himself, everyone knows these aliens and their sprites if they have any gamer cred.  This Space Invaders Couch designed by Igor Chak is the best place to start if you want to start old school in your new house.

And hey, if a couch is a little too much and a little too big–look into getting a cutting board to show your Space Invaders love! ThinkGeek has a handcrafted Space Invaders cutting board available for your kitchen.

2. Nintendo Bedding

Instructables user rpaxton and her mother made this Nintendo Bedding Set for a family member. While it’s not widely available to the public, someone has contacted her about commissions. This is a good step forward because not only do I want it, I would also take one in the form of a Sega Genesis! Old school consoles rock! I love the attention to detail, the tribute to Nintendo, the colors–this would make any gamer happy, especially those of us who grew up on these machines.

3. Tetris Timer

The Tetris Cooking Timer cooks up a new kind of gaming deliciousness. As the blocks fall, time passes–just like real Tetris. A lot of cooks hate waiting for something to be done so they can move onto the next stage of the recipe, but I imagine this helps speed up the wait some.

4. Playstation 3 Coffee Table

If you were a designer and you really loved the Playstation 3, what could you do? If you’re Stephane Perruchon, the answer is make a PS3 coffee table. So far it’s just a preliminary design, but Perruchon is trying to gather the resources to make this table into a reality. I’d buy one–even if it will probably be the cost of dozens of the actual console itself!

5. Mario Brothers Shelving

Dennis and Judith built this Mario Brothers  room set. Although I could never craft anything like this, see more pictures of how it works and how they did it. I really wish gaming were mainstream enough that this were down at the local Ikea, but I suspect we’re at least a decade off. But pipes and piranha plants for garbage cans? Talk about amazing.

6. Zelda Blanket

I love The Legend of Zelda. Link, Hyrule, the Triforce–it’s an epic tale and it deserves an epic… blanket? Over at Etsy, the user Punzie crafts Zelda comforters. Each one is different and unique, as well as wholly awesome.

7. NES Controller Table

I’m definitely not as cool as this girlfriend is. An entry in the Nintendo Craft Contest was this NES Controller Game Table, hand-crafted by Jennifer for her boyfriend. It dazzled the judges and made it into the finals. See the eventual contest winners over at the site–some of them are even crazier and better.

8. PacMan Sofa Components

These look an awful lot like Pacman, don’t they? Well, they’re actually “Poufman”–this is  the Poufman living room set from the Italian company Qayot. There are only two pieces,  but they come with interchangeable covers of different colors to make any arrangement needed.

9. Tetris Couch

The Tetris Couch designed by Stefano Grasselli is a set of eight blocks that come together or come apart to make a couch, ottoman, or any variation of living room furniture.

10. Space Invader Shower

If your husband and you are both geeks, why not do another tribute to Space Invaders–Space Invader tiling! That’s what this couple did, anyway. This is probably the classiest and most adult design yet; subtle enough that non-gamers may think it’s just a mosiac, but geeky enough that anyone who knows the Space Invaders will applaud (though one will wonder why they’re looking inside your shower in the first place). The remodel was done by R.A. Stacy–more pictures available at this Flicker set. I would love to see this motif even more prominent, like outside of a home as a patio decoration or along a a fireplace mantle.

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Monique is a twenty-something community manager by day, freelance writer by night. She loves video games and photography.