12 Fantastic Tree Houses From Across The World

Children and adults alike enjoy to experiment with tree houses – the kids use these constructions for playtime, while adults transform distant memories of childhood tree houses into exceptional residences built among trees. The differences between these two kinds of tree houses lies in the architecture, design and details. Enjoy this inspiring list of 12 Fantastic Modern Tree Houses.

1. The Wilkinson Residence

This modern tree house is a 3,300 square feet in Portland, Oregon. Nestled between trees, the Wilkinson Residence was designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, who managed to create a customized tree home. With a wavy ceiling designed to reflect sound when the owner plays his viola, a gourmet kitchen for his friends who love to cook and built using natural materials that create a seamless connection to the surroundings, the Wilkinson Residence  is probably one of the most interesting tree houses built.

2. Spider’s Leg Tree house

Part of the World of Living and one of WeberHaus’ sustainable housing projects, the Spider’s Leg Tree house is a long-legged oval house designed to offer an alternative to usual residences. Perched high up in the air and defined by its curvacious shape, the Spider’s Leg Tree house benefits from a deck that embraces a nearby tree, while the contemporary tree house rests on its 7 legs.

3.  The Teahouse Tree house

Created by Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori, the Teahouse Tree house sways in the wind from atop two chestnut trees, gathering views of the surroundings and offering the ones who step inside a different view. Measuring only 2.7 square meters, this compact tree house is probably the closer in size to a real tree house, but its unusual design attracts attention right from the start.

4. The Tree House Restaurant

Not exactly a house, the Tree House Restaurant welcomes guest from atop a 20 feet high fake Gajumaru tree, made out of concrete. Inside this so-called tree, an elevator awaits to take guests up to the dining space, where interesting views of the surroundings can be enjoyed. Named the Naha Harbor Diner and located in Okinawa, Japan, the Tree House Restaurant is sure to become part of your most cherished memories.

5. Yellow Tree House

Fantastic in every detail, the Yellow Tree House by Pacific Environment Architects embraces a 40 meter high redwood tree growing north of Auckland, New Zealand. Displaying a structure made out of plantation poplar slats, the naturally ventilated restaurant was built in only four months and aimed at promoting the New Zealand Yellow Pages.

6. Beach Rock Tree House

Japanese builder Kobayahsi Takashi has made a lifestyle out of building impressive tree houses. As an example, the dome-shaped Beach Rock Tree house features the most important detail that attracted the builder to construct such structures – the everlasting vitality of a tree.

7. Island Wood Bogwon Tree House

Found in Washington, the weird-looking Island Wood Bogwon Tree House seems to be hanging from the tree behind it. Designed by TreeHouse Workshop, led by engineer Jake Jacob, the pear-shaped tree house is constructed on a single tree, fixed to the truck by limb-hugging rings that support its weight and also allows the tree to swing in the breeze.

8. The 97-Foot Tree house

Imposing and complicated in its architecture, the 97-Foot Tree house rises ten stories in the air and is considered the world’s largest tree house. With 80 rooms and an estimated interior surface of 8,000-10,000 square feet, this 97 feet tall tree house was designed by Horace Burgess. It took 14 years to complete, but the 97-Foot Tree house in Crossville, Tennessee, started after the builder dreamed that God told him to construct such an incredible structure,¬† is now an icon when it comes to tree houses.

9. Peter Lewis’s Tree house

Floating 21 feet off the ground, Peter Lewis’s Tree house is attached to an Eastern white pine with the help of a well-engineered suspension system. The two-story tree house looks pretty much like a regular house, but its drawbridge and two spiral staircases remind anyone who visits that this is a fortress-like tree house. Located in in Bridgton, Maine, the tree house is insulated and can be enjoyed even in the cold season, thanks to a coal-burning stove.

10. The Crystal River Tree House

This is a tree house example for those who have trees on their property, but they cannot support the weight of a built structure. Resting on log columns, the Crystal River Tree House is actually the residence of David Rasmussen. Part of Green Line Architect’s portfolio, this tree house was designed and built by its owner.

11. Lantern in the Sky

This is a splendid tree house, inspired by a Japanese lantern and architect Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome. Constructed in an ash tree, the Lantern in the Sky is nestled among the leaves 45 feet in the air. Nine cables hold up the tree house built from bolted aluminum conduits shaped into triangles and covered with translucent panels of recycled polypropylene.

12. The Cedar Creek Treehouse

The last of our 12 fantastic tree houses from all over the world , the Cedar Creek Treehouse in Ashford, Washington, is a stunning construction built 50 feet in the air and pierced by a 200-year-old tree growing through the floor and out the roof. I hope you enjoyed our list and have already picked your favorite – modern, cool, imposing, weird, stunning tree houses that might inspire your next building endeavor.

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