12 Contemporary White and Bright Homes

After pampering you with a selection of 12 Contemporary and Stylish Black Residences, we went the opposite way and today we present you with a fascinating list of 12 Contemporary White and Bright Homes. Seeing that these residences are all welcoming, you will have to chose the best one for your specific needs and wishes or at least get some inspiration for your future dream home.

1. Portugal White Residence

This astounding home has one thing in common with the rest of the houses presented today – it displays a white facade not pierced by windows – a clean set of design lines created by architect Manuel Aires Mateus. Overlooking the city of Leiria, this minimalist home is divided into two separate zones – living and sleeping.

2. Villa P

One of the most beautiful white villas – Villa P – was designed by Austrian design studio Love Architecture. It spreads over 2,152 square feet on two floors and benefits from astounding views over the city of Gratz, Austria.

3. Ysy House

Nestled between mature trees on top of a small hill, the asymmetrical Ysy House was designed by Nagoya-based design studio Auau. Located in Seto, Japan, the fascinating matte white house displays a panel-adorned entrance that depicts the creativity used in building this residence.

4. Dinesh Mills Bungalow

Located in a suburban area of Vadodara, India, this superb creation of Atelier dnD features an open floor plan that resembles a peninsula capturing the turquoise swimming pool. Strongly connected to the outside via floor-to-ceiling windows, this residence is a fantastic place for relaxation.

5. 24th Street House

Constructed to resemble a giant box, this particular residence in Santa Monica displays a closed front facade, while the back of the house is opened to the garden and swimming pool area. Designed by architect Steve Kent, the 24th Street House has all the charming rooms facing the pool and allows the inhabitants to live a modern, comfortable lifestyle.

 6. Villa Valentina

Located in Miami Beach, Florida, this stunning modern villa features 6 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. A set of multi-level terraces and the existence of large windows ensure the views are unobstructed and the renters can enjoy this beautiful vacation home to the maximum.

7. Ninety7 @ Siglap House

Part of Aamer Architects portfolio and located in Singapore, this fabulous home has many interesting features seen both in its curvacious architecture and inside, where the living and resting rooms compose a symphony of contemporary spaces.

8. La Finca Residence

Displaying impossible angles and a specific set of design lines seen in all of A-cero’s creations, this fabulous residence in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid is one of the smaller projects completed by the well-known architects. Covering 1000 square meters, this residence displays a facade made out of travertino marble and dark grey granite.

9. Dom Zlomu Residence

Even small villages like the Slovakian Kynceovácan surprise us with fantastic modern architecture. The Dom Zlomu Residence is part of Paulíny Hovorka Architekti’s portfolio and captures panoramic views of the Tatra mountains.

10. Deronda Residence

Space International were the ones who designed the Deronda Residence in Los Angeles, California. Its location just below the Hollywood sign make this specific home a pride to the owners, while its modern architecture and contemporary interiors complete the luxurious features of the white residence.

11. Villa VH

This 862 square meter residence in Flanders, Belgium, has a U-shaped floor plan that wraps around the outdoor patio, flooding the interiors with natural light. Sheltering the owner’s extensive art collection, Villa VH was designed by Beel & Achtergael Architects.

12. Carrara House

The last fantastic white residence in the list is the Carrara House – a home constructed in Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina and designed by Andres Remy Arquitectos. Hope you enjoyed this list of 12 Contemporary White and Bright Homes and check back soon for more amazing, unique homes from all over the world.


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