12 Contemporary and Stylish Black Residences

Building a home is not an easy thing to do. But while some search for oceanfront properties or places with  stunning mountain views, others dream about certain architecture styles. And then there are those people who just love a dark facade on their home. This is today’s topic – a list of 12 contemporary and stylish black residences.

1. Lima House

Designed by Swedish architect Johan Sundberg, this dark-skinned residence is home to a couple looking to start a family. Defined by a superb combination of traditional and modern style, the house in Limavagen, Hollviken, Sweden, is definetly one of the most intriguing black houses.

2. Lumbrein Residence

This jewel was designed by Hurst Song Architekten. Overlooking exceptional wooded mountains in the village of Graubunden, Switzerland, the unusual-looking vacation retreat is inspired by neighboring barns. The facade is clad with vertical wooden planks treated with a dark protective coating, allowing the beautiful architecture to blend with the surroundings.

3.The Wilderness

This is a contemporary residence built in Suffolk Woodland, England. Behind the architecture’s fine details stand the collective efforts of Paul+O Architects. Displaying floor-to-ceiling windows piercing through the black walls, this modern residence seems to have it all.

4. VDVT House

This residential project is part of Boetzkes | Helder’s portfolio and is located in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The concept of a black box is clearly seen in its shape – a rectangular residential building with vertical windows and featuring dark gray and black finishes.

5. The Tank House

Renovated and displaying a fascinating top floor feature – a sprinkler tank house – this special dark home is part of a renovation undergone by a New York loft. Improved by Brian Messana, the tank house acts as a relaxing space overlooking the city.

6. Waikopua House

Inspired by family group camping, this elegant residence was designed by Daniel Marshall Architects. Located on the Waiheke Island, New Zealand, this waterfront house features locally resourced stone walls as the base for the dark-skinned shell containing the modern interior spaces.

7. Nakahouse

Located just below the Hollywood sign, this beautiful home was designed by XTEN Architecture. Originally built in the 1960′s, the house retained its footprint, but the architecture transformed into a contemporary display of fine design lines.

8. Black Beauty

One of A-cero’s wonderful creations, this home is simply described by its name – Black Beauty. Minimalist and elegant, the residence was produced in a factory and assembled on location, making this a modern solution to homes that take too much time to build.

9. Y-House

When IDEAoffice finished this incredible residence in Saitama, just north of Tokyo, modern architecture has gained a new and exciting addition. This very private very modern home is flooded by natural light, just like the owners requested from the architects. Black on the outside and bright on the inside, the three stories Y-House is a contemporary dream home.

10. Laurelhurst

This  2,500 square foot residence in Seattle features a simple shape, but sophisticated interiors. Designed by Jill Lewis and Lane Williams from Coop 15 Architectur, the recently updated 1960’s house received a second story and now displays a modern black facade.

11. La Campana House

Nestled in a gorgeous mountain valley, La Campana House is the result of the collaboration between Alejandro Dumay Claro and Francisco Vergara Arthur. Located in Ocoa, Chile, the residence has a strong connection to the outdoors, making the landscape part of the house through extensive use of glass.

12. Villa Skäret

The last in this series of 12 contemporary and stylish black residences, Villa Skäret, is part of Helsingborg-based Chahrour Huhtilainen A+D architects’ portfolio. Made out of separate structures gathered in a single open floor plan, the family home is not only beautifully modern, but it also features views of the North Sea.



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